You looked at me in silence,

I cautiously shut my eyes,

searching for some reliance,

to carefully say my goodbye’s.


Dreams may linger forevermore,

reality consumes me every day,

I wish I knew what I was looking for,

to somehow find a way.


A path to where I’d like to be,

somewhere in this life,

for me to finally be free,

no longer having to strife.


As one tends to believe,

that all is fair in love and war,

don’t disregard the grieve,

when loneliness knocks on your door.


Do not give in to that voice in your head,

I keep telling myself again and again,

for there might not be another road instead,

if you keep wondering about where or when.


Time and place do not matter,

they just catch up with you once in a while,

but if you truly want to make things better,

welcome the goodbye with a smile.

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